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Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center provides comprehensive care to women carrying fetuses with known or suspected birth defects. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to draw upon the full resources of the university in order to reach a rapid and definitive diagnosis of the problem, consider a complete range of alternative methods of management, and select a plan of therapy that best meets the needs of both baby and mother. Our goal is to tailor our services in order to meet the unique needs of each mother and baby.

Tips and Information for Our Patients:

American Airlines (and perhaps other airlines) have a department called "Special Assistance."  This department is to help their customers in special circumstances--which may mean YOU. To reach them dial the regular number, (American Airlines is: 1-800-433-7300) and when an agent answers, ask for the special assistance department.  You might be able to get discounts or other help if you let them know your situation.

Our patients have give us lots of tips to pass on to others coming for the surgery.

Have one person back at home be in charge of disseminating information about you to family and friends. That way you only have one person to contact yourself during this busy and stressful time.

The panel on maternity skirts and pants may cause pain around the incision site after the surgery. Bring overalls or very large sweat-type clothing to wear home. Some dresses might work, but you'll need something that you can hang your terbutaline pump on.

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What to Bring:

The following list comes from suggestions by our patients :

A pillow


bottled water

robe and slippers

video camera

cell phone

walking shoes

laptop with Internet access

After the Baby Comes:

Recommended by Delia Nickolaus, RN:

The Care Notebook

The Care Notebook is an organizer for families who have children with special health care needs. Families use Care Notebooks to keep track of important information about their child's health and care. Click on the icon below to go to the a site for more information and where you can download the pages for the notebook.


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