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New York Times Productions show aired on Tuesday, October 16th on the National Geographic Channel.

The Tiniest Patient by Andrea Vinley, Family Focus magazine, featuring the Armas family.

LifeTime Online StrongMedicine  Story about Marsha and Autumn Lubbers

New Hope in a New Era, an article by Teree Caruthers about the Rochelle's experience (Oct, 2000)

Univision produced two videos in October regarding fetal surgery to correct spina bifida in utero. Click here to see one of them online.  Click 300K to the right side of the pane.  Thanks to Alex Garcia for the heads up on these productions.

People Magazine, May 1, 2000 has an article about the Buchovich family.

Dr. Joseph Bruner was interviewed by the New Scientist magazine for a story about the fetal surgery program. (April 24, 2000)

WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, OH, filmed at story at Vanderbilt.  They plan a three-part series focusing on Emily and Manny Gonzalez for their May sweeps. (April 17, 2000)

WIRED News report March, 2000.  Hope for Spina Bifida Babies  by Lynn Burke

Some issues revolving around "The Hand"  as noted on the Urban Legends Reference Pages

News Video from Paducah, KY

In the news:  The Tennessean --January 8, 2000

USA Today ran an update on its fetal surgery feature by announcing the birth and surgical outcome of Samuel Armas.

E-clips Productions visited VUMC to interview Dr. Bruner and fetal surgery family Dennis, Mindi and baby, Meghan Stover  for a German television show.

Link to "the photograph" of Samuel Armas (at 21 wks gestation) reaching out of the womb.  Link to the USA Today story.

LIFE Magazine carried an article in it's December 1999 issue about the Switzer family's experience with fetal surgery.

Story about Samuel Ramirez in  The Itemizer Observer by STEPHANIE BASALYGA

"VU doctors to give lessons in fetal surgery" The Tennessean, November 11, 1999.

Letter to "Dr. Laura" from one of our patients.

People magazine visited VUMC the week of October 25, 1999 to follow the Buchkovich family for an article.

The BBC documentary on fetal surgery produced by Liz Tucker, will air on the BBC on October 19, 1999. A fifty minute version of this story has been sold to the Discovery Channel, but no air date has been set thus far. Read the story HERE.
Star-Ledger article about the Garcia's
WebMD Live Chat Transcript: Invitro Spina Bifida Surgery with Joseph Bruner, M.D.
Things  got so busy in September, 1999 that we didn't have any updates, though the media continues to be interested in fetal surgery and the families involved. Articles were published in Popular Science, USA Today, and regional newspapers. 

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National Public Radio aired its piece on fetal surgery at Vanderbilt on All Things Considered (click here to hear the segment--look for Fetal Surgery) on August 4. Jane and Timothy Allen were stars!
The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Philadelphia Inquirer have recently interviewed some of our patients and Dr. Bruner about the fetal surgery program at Vanderbilt. The Boston Globe published an article last week. It included interviews with the Stovers. Pro 7 Media, a German television station visited VUMC to do a story about the fetal surgery for hydrocephalus.

The new fetal surgery to ease some of the effects of hydrocephalus was publicized all over the country after the procedure was announced at a press conference at Vanderbilt. Attending the press conference were the Borkowski family, who underwent the first procedure of this kind, Dr. Noel Tulipan and Dr. Joseph Bruner. For more information about this surgery, contact our office at: (615) 343-5227.

Dateline showed a newsclip about the first in utero surgery for placing a shunt for hydrocephalus done by Dr. Noel Tulipan and Dr. Joseph Bruner (Tuesday evening, 6/22/99.)  

A news item about the fetal surgery at Vanderbilt appeared on the CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather on Tuesday, May 18, 1999. 

WOIO TV, the CBS affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio, interviewed former fetal surgery patient Kristin Ohler and her husband Tim for a story about their experience with the procedure at VUMC.

The April 20 Wall Street Journal carried a front page article covering several aspects of the fetal surgery done at Vanderbilt. The Harless family was interviewed for the story as well as several members of the fetal surgery team.

The Tennessean news story.

January 1999 Ana's Story in the St. Petersburg Times



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