Fetal Surgery

Chat Information

Medical questions and questions about the fetal surgeries should be sent to:


 Our chat room is located on the Undernet server.  The name of our room will continue to be #FetalSurgery.   Those of you with AOL, will use the same procedure as always, but use the Undernet network instead of chat.msn.com. (If you need more help click here.)

If you have questions, please e-mail Angel at angel1@home.com

  When you open the mIRC chat software, look under IRC servers to find Undernet.

Click Connect to IRC server. 

 The next menu will show a list of room names.  Until our room is registered, it won't be listed on the channel lists, so just type in #FetalSurgery at the top of the menu, click Add, then
click Join. 


 The next chats will be held on:


February 13, 2002



February 20, 2002

at 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern, 2 AM, GMT


If you need mIRC software, go to


to download the latest software.

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