First of all, you have to have chat software on your machine.  You can go to the mIRC site to download this from  the chat information page.

When you open the file, it will install the chat software on your hard drive.

AOL users: This is IMPORTANT:    Log onto AOL to get online, then minimize the AOL window, so it won't be in the way.

Click on the mIRC icon a window will open with mIRC32 at the top.  You'll also see an "About mIRC" window, too.  You don't need it to get into the chat room, so click on the X in that window to close it.  Then you'll see a "mIRC Options" window open with Connect highlighted. Scroll down the IRC server list until you come to Undernet.  You can also select  a location if you wish in the slot under the IRC server list, but this isn't necessary.

 Fill in your name and e-mail address in the appropriate slots. 

For your nickname,  I suggest you use at least part of your name and your surgery #, if you have one. This server doesn't allow long nicks, but you can use your surgery # and/or  baby's name to identify yourself. Here's an example: "Sue#95" or "JimAmy#56". Many folks will ask what number surgery you were and what your baby's name is.  If you are visiting the chat room for information, you could use a nickname identifying yourself in another way, for example: Millers_TX or Idaho_Nurse, etc.

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Then click on Connect to IRC server!  When you connect, you'll see a mIRC Channels Folder appear.  You'll need to enter the name of our room in the white box at the top:  #FetalSurgery    Then click on Join.  That should do it!

Hope this gets you in.  You can try it before the chat is scheduled and should be able to get into the room all by yourself.  To leave, just click on the X on the mIRC32 window.

If you have any further questions, e-mail Angel:


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